How To Promote Your Shop On Instagram

Note: This article assumes you already have a LikeMyShop account. If not you can sign up here.

In order to sell online (or anywhere) you need to advertise. Here are some ways you can use Instagram to promote your shop to customers and to generate traffic and sales:

Link In Bio

The first and simplest way to promote anything on Instagram is to put the link in your bio. With LikeMyShop you can do this by logging in and copying the link on the Home page, or going to your shop and copying the URL from the navigation bar. Then just edit your profile in Instagram and paste the URL as your website. Some people may click the link out of curiosity, but to really drive traffic keep reading.

Pro tip: If you want to promote multiple links in your bio at the same time, try Linktree.

Posts & Reposts

Another great way to promote your shop is to post product photos on your feed. You can post the same photos you use in your shop, take stylized photos featuring the products or the process behind them, or repost photos or videos your customers post with your products (with permission). In the caption be sure to mention the product, direct them to your bio link, and use #hashtags and @mentions for more reach.

Pro tip: To optimize your timing and tagging, as well as automate your postings, try Buffer or Later.

Linkable Stories

If you have a business account and 10k+ followers you can create linkable stories (a link button appears at the top of the story screen). Even if you aren’t there yet, stories are a great way to creatively flash your shop and products in front of potential customers (don’t forget to direct them to the link in your bio). You can save your best stories as highlights that will always be visible on your profile.

Pro tip: Create attention-grabbing Instagram stories with apps like Canva, Unfold, and A Design Kit.

We hope these tips help you promote your shop on Instagram!