How to Sell on Social Media Without a Website

If you want to sell products online, especially using social media, you’re probably considering either:

  • Going the Venmo/DM route, or
  • Building an ecommerce website.

But what if I told you there’s a better way? (keep reading)


The Venmo/DM option is where you post a photo of a product on Instagram (or wherever) and ask people to Venmo you the money and message you their address. It’s free and works alright for a few orders, but DMs get buried easily and keeping track of orders and shipping can become a nightmare.

Ecommerce Website

You could also build an ecommerce website using an online service, hiring a designer, or coding it yourself. That’s great except that setting up and managing a website costs tens to thousands of dollars and hours to weeks of time, especially if you want to do it right.

Meet LikeMyShop

Imagine if you could create an online shop in seconds, add your products, share the link, and start selling immediately. No mountains of DMs to sort through and no website to get in your way. Even better, imagine that it made things even easier by emailing you a packing list and pre-paid shipping label with every order. That’s LikeMyShop, and you can sign up for free:

Sign up and create your shop!