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Shop Guidelines

Effective: December 7, 2019

These guidelines exist to ensure a safe and satsifying experience for customers and to protect the brands of shop owners. All shop owners are responsible for reading, understanding, and adhering to these guidelines. They are subject to change without notice and should be reviewed periodically.

1. Customer Service

  • Honor any warranties or guarantees you make with your products.
  • Never spam customers or attempt to divert transactions elsewhere.

2. Shop Management

  • Make sure product names, images, and descriptions are accurate.
  • Always enter accurate shipping package weights and dimensions.
  • Ship using appropriate packaging, and do not use flat rate boxes.
  • Ship orders as quickly as possible and no later than two weeks.††

3. Prohibited Items

  • Deceptive, stolen, forged, or counterfeit products
  • Bombs, firearms, explosives, or related products
  • Illegal drugs, paraphernalia, or similar substances
  • Products requiring a prescription or proof of age
  • Obscene, vulgar, overtly-sexual, or violent content
  • Virtual, digital, or intangible products or services
  • Anything illegal to sell and/or ship in your country

LikeMyShop reserves the right to suspend shops or remove products without notice or explanation if they are found to be in violation of these guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Customer Support and we will be glad to help.

Shop owners are responsible for shipping overages. Overages can be avoided by accurately entering product shipping information and using appropriate packaging (no oversized or flat rate boxes). Incurred charges (if any) will be deducted from earnings.

†† Unshipped or cancelled orders will result in a 5% cancellation charge which will be deducted from earnings.